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Author: Paul DeslauriersPaul Deslauriers: Community Organizer, Author

Paul is an organization development consultant and systems engineer with 32 years experience. He coordinated 287 grassroots groups focused on government system change. He has consulted for a wide range of industries restructuring over 100 businesses to function at their optimum potential. Paul founded a nonprofit organization, Community ReStart that served thousands of people in need. He was also the director of a yoga community with 85 residents.Paul is also author of:

  • Grassroute Guide: a road map to community empowerment
  • Bearer of Light: a catalyst for global change
  • IN THE HIGH-ENERGY ZONE: The 6 Characteristics of Highly Effective Groups.”

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Detail Background

Paul’s experiences provide valuable insights and engaging stories for a grounded approach to system change.

Executive Director of Community Restart (2008 to 2016): Mr. Deslauriers is the founder of the nonprofit, 501-c-3. The organization has focused on resolving the community’s most significant unmet needs through grassroots engagement. The initiatives include:

  • The Food Net:   Providing fresh produce to 14 meal sites in southern and central Berkshire County, including 138 infants and their families, distributing up to 20,000 pounds of fresh produce per year.
  • The Pearl Street Day Center:   Serving up to 60 clients per day, it was the only day center for the homeless and unemployed in Berkshire County.
  • Emergency Night Shelter:   In collaboration with local faith organizations, Paul facilitated the opening of the only wet shelter in Berkshire County which provided shelter for 131 individuals
  • Work Force: A day labor program providing employment for qualified workers matching, while helping seniors get work done affordably and professionally.
  • Affordable Sober Housing: Community ReStart owns 5 buildings housing 21 residents in an aftercare program for recovering addicts.

Grassroots Coordinator (2006 to 2008): Paul was the coordinator for 287 grassroots organizations throughout Europe and the US dedicated to exposing the corruption of the US government. It included providing counseling and development strategies for these groups.

Organizational Consultant (1986 to 2005): Paul served over one hundred organizations involving mergers, restructuring, work process flows, team work, management coaching, and asset management. He has worked with diverse groups such as the Alaskan Inuit, Icelandic communities. Employing innovative, new-paradigm concepts for “high energy group performance”, he has served clients such as Hoechst, Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Circus, IKEA, and over seventy TV broadcasting and advertising agencies.

Community Administrator (1983 to 1986): Paul was co-administrator of the Kripalu yoga community in Pennsylvania with 85 residents. This facility and one in Massachusetts were program centers for personal growth where Paul led workshops in relationships, yoga and professional development to over ten thousand participants spanning 7 years.

Environmental Consultant and Oceanographer (1975 to 1983): He has conducted research in ocean and coastal ecology for MIT, and has worked as an environmental consultant for the U.S. Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the US Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, United Arab Emeritus, and Alaskan North Slope Borough.


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