Liberate by Paul Deslauriers

The Empowering Guide to Grassroots System Change 

Right now, we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the systems that exploit the masses and that fuel the ultra-rich. We have a timely opportunity to bring about uplifting and supportive change for 99% of the population by rewiring a few critical pieces. Because of the blatant dysfunctions within our government, monetary, health care and education systems there is a growing awareness that something is terribly wrong and people are willing to take action.

The time is ripe for action

A new paradigm is blossoming. We have redefined how we connect as a global society through cyber technology. Hierarchical structures are less relevant than they were. New tools and solutions are available from science, economics, and organizational development. This shift opens clear paths for the system change we need. Liberate is a catalyst and a comprehensive, proven how-to for that peaceful and uplifting transition.

A bright future waits with system change

We can all have nutritious food, clean abundant water, unpolluted air. We can all develop our potential, pursue fulfilling work and earn a fair wage. We can have free education, and medical care. We can eliminate debt and have a monetary system that serves our community. All this can be realized by rewiring our systems.

The main barrier is the formation of beliefs

Our manipulated unconscious beliefs are the primary mechanism keeping us on a road leading to modern day enslavement. Propaganda, social engineering, and even chemical suppression help sustain this veil of delusion. Liberate explores the formation of these beliefs and their impact; it is a guide to awaken from the delusion and propaganda that shape our perceptions and what appears real and true. When the veil is lifted we can listen to a deeper truth.

Truth will set us free

The truth can be liberating as well as shocking. Four appendices in Liberate provide foundational information to end the deception. When we wake up to the facts about our government, media, military, corporate, and monetary systems, we can see which parts are evil and corrupt and withdraw support. Also, there is a deep truth about our nature that is a powerful change agent, that we all can participate in.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful creative tool

Your endeavors will succeed if you persist holding your goal in mind and engage the law of attraction. If you hold joy, you will attract what brings more joy. The laws of attraction and information fields are important mechanisms to support the needed change or anything you want

A proven process provides a roadmap that accelerates a peaceful change

The 16 points of awareness and change applies locally to a small group as well as a nation. At the essence of the process is a deeper truth common to all group endeavors. The process is very relevant to today’s society. Engaging true stories illustrates the process that is accessible to anyone who would like a bright future.

Effective organizing tools can develop any group initiative

We must come together if we are to be the power behind the change. As we unplug from corrupt systems, it is important that grassroots organizations are in place and functioning to replace needed services. There are many organizing processes and insights provided in this guide with many application examples.

Group energy amplifiers can power change

High-energy grassroots systems are developing all around us and are strengthening regional resources, exchanges, and investments. The science of group energy fields and the integration of specific core values can support any group activity or organization to function at a high level. This is the next frontier and an evolution we are now living.

Understand Elite system wiring that controls our society

The distinctive wiring characteristic of the Elite system is its consolidation, centralization and control of power into the hands of the few. The hierarchical structure is slow to respond, inefficient and serves the self-chosen privileged few. It breeds divisiveness, manipulation and fear. These systems suppress the potential of citizens while increasing control by the power brokers.

There is a trigger that will quickly change the Elite wiring

Any system has a trigger that when changed has a cascading effect throughout that organized system. The systems of the elite are primarily controlled by the monetary system and within that system is a trigger for monetary reform and the cascading effect that can reform all systems.

Rewire to Common Good systems

The Common Good system is wired to spread local empowerment to the many, resulting in rapid and diverse responses. It generates a greater ownership and participation in the local community development. Liberate provides engaging real life stories that illustrates a clear rewiring process.

We may face bumps and roadblocks along the way

Factions within the government and these elite systems are fearful of citizens organizing; they realize it will precede the downfall of their exploitive ways. I was the coordinator for 287 grassroots groups focused on exposing the evil of those who rule the US government. This provided ample experience of their divisive strategies. The strategies of these anti-organizing groups and counter measures are presented in the text.

Grassroots systems change is unstoppable

Grassroots systems change is non-violent, decentralized, self-propagating, uplifting, inclusive, territory-capturing, adaptive, flexible, minimally confrontational, and liberating. Such a widespread movement is impossible for the power brokers to suppress or co-opt. Liberation is unstoppable.

Be empowered and part of the evolution underway.

This book is a catalyst and a comprehensive, proven how-to for that peaceful and uplifting transition.


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